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Perpetuity Academy introduces Managing Security Surveys eLearning course

by Brian Sims
Ken Livingstone MSc

Ken Livingstone MSc

Perpetuity Academy has just introduced a Managing Security Surveys eLearning course designed to appeal to both practising security managers and those embarking on a career in the security world.

The BTEC Level 4-accredited Managing Security Surveys eLearning course allows students to study at their own pace and in their own time, without disrupting their daily routine. Taking approximately 30 hours to complete, the course provides information and guidelines on the various stages involved in conducting a security survey, and how it should be used as one element of an ongoing risk analysis and security strategy.

As part of the course, learners undertake a security survey enabling them to put the theory studied into practice.

“Being able to conduct a security survey is essential for anyone who has the responsibility of ensuring the protection of a given organisation encompassing property, people and assets,” said Ken Livingstone MSc, director of Perpetuity Training. “The new course offers an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide on how to acquire this important skill. It also provides a survey template which learners are able to use within their own working environments in order to identify specific threats.”

Perpetuity Academy is a leading provider of security management training in the UK and, through its renowned distance learning platform, provides accredited security management training worldwide.

Perpetuity Academy also specialises in bespoke training for organisations wishing to provide tailored instruction for their employees in areas such as cyber security, risk, crisis and disaster management and workplace investigation and interviewing.

*For more information on the training courses offered by Perpetuity Academy, telephone +44 (0)116-277 3313, e-mail training@perpetuitytraining.com or visit www.perpetuitytraining.com

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