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Perpetuity Academy introduces ‘Managing Retail Security’ eLearning course for loss prevention specialists

by Brian Sims
Ken Livingstone MSc: director of Perpetuity Training

Ken Livingstone MSc: director of Perpetuity Training

Perpetuity Academy continues to expand its eLearning prospectus with the addition of a ‘Managing Retail Security’ course designed to benefit anyone who’s involved in preventing stock loss within the retail sector.

The IQ Level 4 ‘Managing Retail Security’ course, delivered through Perpetuity’s eLearning platform, allows learners to study at their own pace and in their own time. In essence, the course examines the key techniques involved in identifying and managing loss, as well as imparting details of the essential security management knowledge and key skills needed to work effectively within the retail sector. 

“We have addressed the latest ideas, techniques and systems for the protection of people, premises and stock through key areas within the retail industry,” observed Ken Livingstone MSc, director of Perpetuity Training. “In addition to loss prevention and security management personnel, this course will be of value to anyone involved in retail management who’s concerned about protecting their company’s profits.”

The course takes approximately 30 hours to complete and includes guidance on retail risk assessments and security surveys, as well as how to identify vulnerable products and subsequently protect them. It also covers current regulation and legislation issues directly affecting retail security.

Perpetuity Academy is part of the Linx International Group and a leading provider of security management training in the UK. Through its distance learning platform, Perpetuity Academy delivers accredited security management training worldwide, from entry level right through to an MSc in International Security and Risk Management.

Perpetuity Academy also specialises in developing bespoke training for organisations wishing to provide educational instruction for their employees in areas such as security surveying, cyber security, risk, crisis and disaster management and workplace investigation and interviewing.

*For more information telephone: +44 (0) 116 277 3313, send an e-mail to: training@perpetuitytraining.com or visit: www.perpetuitytraining.com

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