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Perimeter Protection: Security Fencing for Kao’s CNI Data Centre

by Brian Sims

Kao London One is one of the UK’s most advanced Data Centres, writes Cris Francis. Situated at the centre of the London-Stansted-Cambridge corridor, the facility features state-of-the-art technology that offers world-class capabilities for a variety of data-driven industries.

Kao Data provides its customers with a platform to deliver highly efficient IT architecture in an environment that fully adheres to volume server warrantees. The facility enables customers to drive their business models forward while offering the flexibility and capability to deliver massive scalability, which is essential in the world of service hosting and ICT interconnectivity.

Data Centres are classed as Critical National Infrastructure in the UK. A breach of security can have serious consequences when it comes to public safety and service availability. Therefore, Data Centres need to be protected against a wide range of cyber and physical threats. These include sabotage, terrorism and acts of trespass.

JCA, the principal contractor for the design and build of the Data Centre campus, delivered a market-leading facility for Kao Data through its use of technical infrastructure and building engineering expertise. The Data Centre was given the highest standards of resilience, connectivity and operational sustainability.

The Data Centre campus is situated on the former Nortel compound in Harlow (fittingly, the birthplace of fibre technology and now home to a Technology Business Park). It uses world-class software for power monitoring, building management and physical infrastructure, together with world-leading business management software for continuous real-time analysis. Kao Data has implemented a dynamic portal providing customers with total transparency of critical facility operations.

High-security perimeter solution

Kao London One required a completely robust and extensive high-security perimeter solution. Jacksons Fencing worked closely with JCA throughout the £200 million project. To meet the stringent security requirements of the vast 32,000 square metre site, Jacksons installed 172 metres of Securi Mesh Plus SR2, galvanised and polyester powder-coated RAL 6005 (green), three matching bi-folding speed gates to control access and egress to the site and three 4-metre rising arm barriers.

Installed around the perimeter at a height of 3 metres and featuring double-skinned mesh up to 2.4 metres, Securi Mesh Plus SR2 provides an ideal solution for high-security sites such as Kao London One. Accredited by Secured by Design and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (having achieved LPS 1175 SR2 certification), the fencing is resistant to attacks from a range of Category B tools, including bolt cutters, claw hammers and hand drills. It also features a number of anti-climb properties, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance on site.

With access control and egress being vital to the site, and to avoid impeding on the day-to-day operations of the Data Centre, Jacksons installed a double layer of security: 4-metre-wide rising arm barriers combined with automated Bi-Folding Speed Gates.

Hydraulically operated and with minimal moving parts, Bi-Folding Speed Gates produce a fast and smooth action. This makes them perfect for those end user facilities where the speed of opening and closing is essential for the security of the premises.

On time, on budget

Cris Francis

Cris Francis

Tom Absalom, managing director at JCA, commented: “This end-to-end construction project demanded a high level of perimeter and gate security, but also aesthetic appeal to complement the cutting-edge building design. Our business adopts a rigorous approach towards the selection of subcontractor partners and we expect excellence in both competence and co-operation in order that projects are completed on time and to budget. Jacksons Fencing delivered a first-class service and brought significant experience and knowledge to the process. We would certainly work with Jacksons again in the future.”

Jacksons Fencing successfully balanced the need for security, access control and aesthetics to deliver a robust and complete perimeter security solution for the project at Kao London One. We’re delighted that our products were chosen to secure such a significant site.

Cris Francis is Head of Commercial Sales at Jacksons Fencing

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