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Percepto launches next generation of AI-powered autonomous Drone-in-a-Box

by Brian Sims

Autonomous industrial drone solutions developer Percepto has launched the next generation of its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Drone-in-a-Box (DIB). Available now, the solution includes a highly portable, smaller, lighter weight and extreme weather-resistant base station. Adding field-proven 5G compatibility, the new  DIB also features the seamless integration of 2D mapping and 3D modelling, highly-customised reporting, comprehensive compliance and enhanced safety functions.

The award-winning DIB solution provides constant aerial visual insights. It enables organisations operating around the world in the mining, energy and industrial, oil and gas, ports and terminals sectors to optimise their security and business operations, while also reducing risks and operational costs.

Launched at IFSEC International in London last week, the new next generation Percepto solution provides many significant upgrades and new features.

At only 166 (W) x 162 (D) x 168 (H) and weighing in at 162 kg, the smaller and lighter weight Percepto Base makes it even easier to transport, deploy and manoeuvre units into position in order to schedule and manage a wide range of surveillance, mapping, inspection and maintenance missions.

The entire DIB solution is protected by high levels of extreme weather resistance, with the new Percepto Base achieving an ingress protection rating of IP65, which promises complete protection against contact with moving parts inside the enclosure and against the ingress of dust.

New features enable constant site scanning and pile inspection for better inventory management. Fully-integrated data dashboard created automatically upon mission completion as well as customised reporting for pile inspection and change detection.

PerceptoCore Software suite

In addition, the new Percepto DIB solution is powered by the PerceptoCore Software suite which now includes new highly customisable reports to translate aerial data from Sparrow drones to actionable insights. Each stakeholder operating on site received aerial insights relevant to his/her field of interest.

With 5G networks being switched on around the world, Percepto adds 5G compatibility to its latest version. In April this year, the company revealed that it had successfully proven the ability to fly autonomous drones over SK Telecom’s 5G trial network.

The Percepto Solution has always adhered to the most stringent global regulatory compliance requirements. In order to provide even greater levels of safety and to protect the Sparrow drone in the highly unlikely event of malfunction, units can now be equipped with an integrated parachute. Another additional safety enhancement feature is the ability to lock accurate drones’ position in case of loss of GPS.

Dor Abuahsira, CEO of Percepto, stated: “Percepto has a reputation for being first to market with innovations that become adopted as ‘The Gold Standard’ for autonomous drone functionality and operation. With the launch of our next generation DIB solution, we’ve raised the bar once again when it comes to safety.”

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