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People and data security come second to assets

by Brian Sims

Gathering in Rome for the international network of security distributors, Traka distributors participated on a survey to find out about trends and developments in the market and the results show that despite the increase in awareness of data protection, 79 per cent of customers are more concerned about protecting assets, rather than people or data. Indirect financial loss from lost keys was indicated as the risk CEOs were most concerned about, with 56 per cent of the distributors agreeing, compared to 32 per cent who indicated that direct financial loss (replacing the key) was the biggest concern. Contrary to predictions on reputation damage concerns, only 12 per cent of distributors agreed that CEOs were most concerned about reputation damage when keys get lost. The results also showed that there is an increase in the demand to protect portable IT assets such as tablets, phones and laptops. 56 per cent of Traka distributors agreed that the demand is growing. The survey also revealed confidence in the security industry, with 50 per cent agreeing that their customers were more concerned about security in 2014, compared to 2013. Reassuringly half of the distributors said that they expect security budgets to increase in 2015, and 44 per believed they will remain the same but not decrease. Tanveer Choudhry, Global Marketing Manager for Traka says,” The survey has revealed that customers and CEOs are not as concerned about data protection and reputational damage as we predicted. This may be because of a lack of awareness on the damage missing data can cause for a business of any size. We intend to investigate this issue further.”

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