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PenMetrics offers advanced writing analysis

by Brian Sims

Paragon Software Group has released PenMetrics, a new graphometry-based technology that measures a wide range of individual handwriting characteristics and parameters. These parameters include letter width, height, inclination and other measurements. The metrics can be subjected to further analysis for a range of purposes, including determining whether or not a piece of text was written by a particular individual. PenMetrics is capable of processing both plain text (scanned from a paper handwriting sample) and dynamic text (collected using a range of mobile devices or graphics tablets). The technology determines constants in handwriting and provides full, detailed data on requested parameters. The collectable characteristics can be customised upon request. Characteristics collected can include letter width, height and inclination angle; pen pressure, input rate, time delay between strokes and words, total input period for each stroke or word; width and height of upper and lower loops.

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