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Panasonic unveils “world’s first” quad 4K multi-sensor surveillance cameras

by Brian Sims

Panasonic used IFSEC International 2018 as the backdrop to unveil the “world’s first” quad 4K security camera promising 33 MP image resolution. The i-Pro EXTREME multi-sensor cameras have four repositionable lenses each with 4K image sensors, offering sharp and clear images of fast-moving vehicles.

The cameras are available in both Full-HD (at 30 fps) and 4K (3840×2160) at 15 fps. They’re equipped with iA (intelligent Auto) and ClearSight Coating, rendering them suitable for capturing evidential grade images even under the most challenging of conditions, such as in city surveillance and traffic-based applications.

The i-PRO Extreme multi-sensor camera range is equipped with IR-LED for “outstanding” low-light performance. Thanks to H.265 compression, alongside smart coding and self-learning Region of Interest technology, the cameras promise “extreme image performance” while minimising the network requirements.

“When combined with smart coding and H.265 compression, we are able to deliver a lower bit rate from the four cameras than a standard 4K camera at H.264,” explained Gerard Figols, European category manager at Panasonic Security Solutions. “What’s more, the four repositionable lenses minimise blind spots and allow the cameras to adjust to various shaped intersections and monitoring areas found in city centres. This is a game changer for the transition to 4K in security.”

The new cameras will be available from July.

Video Insight 7 VMS platform

Panasonic also launched its new Video Insight 7 VMS platform at IFSEC 2018. This solution is aimed at providing enhanced performance and stability, greater scalability and zero ongoing license fees. 

Video Insight (VI) is the latest development in Panasonic’s surveillance technology, integrating powerful enterprise VMS features, hardware optimisation and cost-efficiency in one robust system. Engineered on an open architecture, the platform provides support for over 4,000 camera models from over 150 camera manufacturers.

VI technology offers zero ongoing license fees when used in conjunction with Panasonic cameras, providing end users with “a lower total cost of ownership than any other enterprise VMS systems”.

Harnessing the capabilities of pure 64-bit VMS, VI optimises security infrastructures to allow endless scalability, unlimited client workstations, centralised administration and simple integration with legacy systems.

“Video Insight 7 is aimed at making the entire video management suite more intuitive, more powerful and easier to use, while being compatible with Panasonic’s cyber security technologies,” stated Figols. “Panasonic is the only manufacturer with this end-to-end combination of camera and license free VMS, breaking the mould in terms of total cost of ownership and virtually eliminating OPEX costs.” 

Designed as a multi-viewer platform, VI grants end users the ability to monitor cameras remotely on various operating systems including platforms such as Windows and Mac, Web browsers, iOS and Android.

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