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Panasonic launches European solutions company for “single point of contact”

by Brian Sims

Panasonic has announced the creation of a new European solutions company that will bring together its various business products and develop “world class solutions” for its myriad customers, at the same time offering a single point of contact and accountability.

Panasonic System Solutions Europe (PSSEU), a division of Panasonic Marketing Europe, develops market-specific solutions that include Panasonic devices, software, connectivity and third party products, all of them “delivered with world class design engineering and project management”.

PSSEU will initially focus its activities on three distinct vertical markets: utilities, transportation and logistics.

The new organisation will be led by Tony O’Brien, who boasts over 20 years’ experience in enterprise solutions, having previously worked with organisations such as Siemens Building Technologies.

“For nearly 100 years, Panasonic has been widely recognised for its technology excellence in consumer electronics,” said O’Brien. “This puts Panasonic in a unique position, because the majority of our business customers sell to consumers, too. This means we have a shared understanding of the type of challenges that our business customers face in the consumer market.”

Tony O'Brien

Tony O’Brien

O’Brien continued: “As a result, we’ve developed unique value packages tailored to specific customer needs. We’re using a fusion of sector expertise and technological innovation delivering customised solutions that improve efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce business risk.”

An example of these value packages is a trespass warning system developed for the UK’s railway network. The new automated system will help to prevent trespass incidents at known hotspots, which cause customer delays and cost the railway network millions of pounds every year.

Operating across Europe, PSSEU is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. It also has a number of subsidiaries, including Cameramanager (which is one of Europe’s leading cloud security providers) and Panasonic Business Software Europe, which offers advanced software for the control and management of logistics and supply chains.

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