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PACOM Systems’ 8003 hybrid control panel targets scourge of false alarms

by Brian Sims

PACOM Systems, which is part of STANLEY Product & Technology (the dedicated provider of security and access control solutions), is helping end users to proactively reduce false alarms thanks to the launch of the 8003 intelligent security control panel. Described as a “true hybrid panel”, the PACOM 8003 is capable of delivering both advanced access control and robust, EN Grade 3 intrusion detection across applications of all sizes, from simple two-door installations to campuses and multi-site estates.

Built to ensure compliance with widely recognised EN 50131 and BS 8243 PD6662-2017 approvals, the PACOM 8003 helps to reduce false alarms by meeting exacting standards concerning the method by which alarms are confirmed and therefore whether a police service response is activated. To this end, the PACOM 8003 can confirm alarm activation by video, audio and sequential alarm verification.

As an intelligent, IP-enabled hybrid device, the PACOM 8003 uses PACOM-Edge technology which offers advanced security capabilities across an organisation’s Ethernet backbone, in turn reducing the need for traditional security cabling which means easy scalability in addition to fast and convenient deployment.

The PACOM 8003 offers up to eight configurable five state inputs and eight outputs comprising two relays and six open collectors. Inputs can be expanded up to 64, while outputs may be expanded up to 32 via the addition of on-board expansion modules and/or remote I/O devices.

With high demand across the globe for intelligent control panels, STANLEY Product & Technology has recognized and responded to the need of installers for greater choice in systems for their end users. The PACOM 8003 addresses this need with features such as a network port and the option of on-board access as standard.

“Over the last few years there has been a seismic shift in the technology that’s incorporated into modern intruder alarm systems, with manufacturers now having to demonstrate fresh and innovative thinking and design,” commented Gavin O’Keeffe, global technical director at STANLEY Product & Technology. “The PACOM 8003 can significantly improve return on investment through a security solution that has been carefully engineered to protect people, property and assets while also reducing false alarms. The hybrid PACOM 8003 delivers more scalability, power and flexibility than any other integrated control panel in its class.”

*For further information visit http://www.pacom.com/controllers/8003panel

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