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Online CPD presentation on benefits of automatic fire sprinklers created by BSA

by Brian Sims

A new online Continuing Professional Development (CPD)-certified presentation that looks at the benefits of automatic fire sprinklers has been created by the Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA). ‘Property Protection and Business Resilience: Automatic Sprinklers – Background and Benefits’ is a 25-minute long video that provides viewers with an awareness of the beneficial impact that incorporating sprinklers can have and how they can add value to building design.

The video addresses how sprinklers work, typical myths and misconceptions, cost and regulations and also looks at the impact of fire on businesses and how sprinklers can aid the design process.

Suitable for anyone involved in the procurement, design and construction of a building including developers, contractors, surveyors, architects and consultants, as well as fire safety and Health and Safety-focused professionals, the video includes a specific chapter looking at design considerations for office applications include worked examples showing cost implications.

“Automatic sprinklers offer a proven way of protecting property as well as providing life safety,” commented Iain Cox, chairman of the BSA. “However, there are many myths and misconceptions about their operation and effectiveness as well as cost. This presentation addresses these misconceptions, while at the same time providing practical design guidance to help specifiers, contractors, engineers and managers understand how sprinklers can add value to their next project.”

*To view the online CPD module click on the following link https://www.business-sprinkler-alliance.org/about-sprinklers/property-protection-and-business-resilience-automatic-sprinklers-background-and-benefits/

**For more information visit www.business-sprinkler-alliance.org

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