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One-day security surgery service launched by Advent IM consultancy

by Brian Sims

UK security consultancy Advent IM is introducing a convenient one-day security surgery/workshop service for today’s organisations covering a range of cyber, physical and information security-focused issues.

Running under the banner ‘MySecuritySurgery’, the focus of these workshops is dictated by the organisation and the workshop is then designed around those needs, gathering key stakeholders together for focused reviews followed by a summary of the findings and actions outlined by an Advent IM security expert. This service covers a range of organisational security topics from cyber attack readiness assessments through to physical security.

“This new service works for a business that has never engaged with a security consultancy before as easily as it will for one that’s ‘security savvy’, but looking to effectively re-focus its security resources,” explained Advent IM’s managing director Mike Gillespie. “All organisations have an important security challenge in front of them and ‘MySecuritySurgery’ offers something for everyone seeking to answer that challenge. It does this by building a workshop that’s precisely focused on the challenge in hand and a summary that can quickly put that business on the right security path without a huge commitment from the host organisation.”

With 12 focus areas to choose from, ‘MySecuritySurgery’ covers the main organisational security concerns including cyber attack readiness assessments, system assurance, policy and process review, business continuity, physical security, supply chain assurance, risk workshops, secure records management, surveillance camera standards, data protection, information risk management and the NIS Directive.

*Visit advent-im.co.uk/consultancy to download the ‘MySecuritySurgery’ instructions leaflet

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