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Ocucon develops lighter version of ‘Cloud by Ocucon’ VSaaS solution for retailers

by Brian Sims

Technology company Ocucon has developed a lighter version of its Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) product ‘Cloud by Ocucon’, allowing retailers to benefit from innovative cloud technology for a select number of cameras. ‘Cirrus Cloud by Ocucon’ is a lightweight, highly flexible version of ‘Cloud by Ocucon’. It will have all the features of its big brother but, in response to retailer demand, has been optimised to work in a modular fashion for up to eight cameras per store.

Research conducted by the company found that 99% of incidents were caught by just a third of all cameras in a typical retail outlet. This means that, on average, just eight cameras caught the ‘sweet spot’ of incidents.

‘Cirrus Cloud by Ocucon’ provides an in-store surveillance and storage service in HD (captured continuously over a 24/7 period) in the cloud for up to eight cameras per store. The service will also provide an incident and case management reporting tool enabling easy access, analysis and retrieval of incidents.

Gary Trotter, co-founder of Ocucon, explained to Risk Xtra: “We’re always listening to feedback from our clients and we realised that, by re-investing in new technology, we could offer this exciting new product to suit a wider range of retailers and their needs. ‘Cirrus Cloud by Ocucon’ works in a modular fashion so that we can ensure the footage from those ‘sweet spot’ cameras can be easily stored, analysed and retrieved. We see this as an opportunity to introduce our technology to an increased variety of clients both on a national and international scale.”

Ocucon developed ‘Cloud by Ocucon’, the company’s unlimited VSaaS system, to address the need for easy access surveillance storage to avoid fraudulent cases of slips, trips and falls – currently estimated to cost retailers £800 million per annum. The technology removes physical limitations on the amount of surveillance footage an organisation can save.

Delivering a powerful cloud-based storage and retrieval platform, Ocucon provides the facility to store, analyse and retrieve unlimited amounts of video surveillance footage from within the Ocucon portal.

*Prices for ‘Cirrus Cloud by Ocucon’ will start at £168 per month with only a 12-month commitment required. Full details, as well as Terms and Conditions, are available on request from contact@ocucon.com

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