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NSI consultation on draft Code of Practice NCP 119 receives “positive response”

by Brian Sims
Margaret Durr: head of field operations at the NSI

Margaret Durr: head of field operations at the NSI

The National Security Inspectorate’s (NSI) consultation on its new draft Code of Practice, NCP 119, for the provision of labour in the security and events sector has resulted in a “positive response” from approved companies and labour providers.

Margaret Durr, head of field operations (services) at the NSI, explained: “I would like to thank all of those who took the time to review the Code’s contents and share their views. These views are valuable to ensure that the new Code will provide buyers with an assurance their security guarding providers are of a suitable standard and operate as responsible employers so as to minimise the security risk associated with labour provision, which is sometimes referred to as agency labour.”

Durr continued: “Over-extended labour supply chains and lack of professionalism among labour providers risks the infiltration of rogue labour. This can damage the quality of service provided and bring the industry into disrepute. This Code will help to shield NSI-approved companies and their clients from those risks and contribute to the safety and security of the public.”

The NSI is currently reviewing all comments and amendments will be made where appropriate. The new Code of Practice will come into effect in early 2020.

New Contract for the Web endorsed

Richard Jenkins: CEO at the NSI

Richard Jenkins: CEO at the NSI

The NSI has also announced its endorsement of the new Contract for the Web. Indeed, the NSI is one of the first organisations to support this initiative. The Contract for the Web provides a shared global plan to protect a free and open web that works for the public good.

Written by over 80 experts with input from hundreds of individuals, the Contract recognises that everyone has a role to play in safeguarding the future of the web. This fact is articulated in the Contract’s nine principles. The principles for companies include working towards an ever-increasing quality of service, supporting corporate accountability and robust privacy and data protection by design and being accountable for their work through regular reports.

These principles align with the NSI’s own key values of integrity, independence and continuous improvement.

The Contract for the Web may be viewed at https://contractfortheweb.org

Richard Jenkins, CEO at the NSI, commented: ‘The web is fundamental to everyday life across the entire planet. By endorsing the Contract, we’re committing to managing our online presence within a robust framework for governance in our work of promoting the value of third party certification to buyers and specifiers of services, facilitating the auditing process and explaining the benefits that working with NSI-approved companies brings to the wider public.”

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