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Nortech’s FeeMaster Smart Console designed for “convenient” access control

by Brian Sims

The FeeMaster Smart Console from people and vehicle access control specialist Nortech provides a simple and cost-effective way of managing access to car parks and facilities for vehicles and pedestrians. All of the access control data is encoded onto a Mifare card using the FeeMaster Smart Console. As a standalone system, there’s no wiring between the access control point and the console, making the system easy and cost effective to install.

Part of the popular FeeMaster range, the FeeMaster Smart attendant console is a compact, elegant and easy-to-install device that reads barcode tickets issued at an entry station, calculates the fees payable based on pre-programmed tariff details and encodes reusable Mifare access control cards with validity data. If necessary, the console can print customer receipts and/or barcode exit tokens. It’s also able to control a till drawer and can optionally provide a relay output signal which can be used by third equipment (ie barrier control) whenever a card has been encoded or an exit ticket printed.

The FeeMaster Smart time-based parking management system is designed to provide information about the initial arrival time of each visitor and uses cards to strictly control customers’ access rights to car parks and facilities as well as the validity period.

Popular applications that have used the FeeMaster attendant’s console to control visitor access include Bristol Aquarium and Edinburgh Castle, where an easy-to-install and operate and an automatic fee calculation system with tariff and grace period settings included was required.

Bristol Aquarium needed a cost-effective and efficient product that would not only save money, but also make the constant stream of visitors easy to monitor. The barcode reader connects to a barrier/turnstile/gate at each site and opens once a valid barcode has been scanned by a visitor using easy to programme modes of operation. The simple-to-use design makes the console ideal for reducing queues and keeping the flow of people moving during busy periods. It’s extremely versatile and can simultaneously support several methods of revenue generation.

Edinburgh Castle has been benefiting from the FeeMaster system for a number of years now, using it to control and manage the strict parking at its site. The console allows the staff to control any misuse of the car park and ensures that there are enough parking spaces without the need for expensive cabling or disruption.

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