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Norbain reveals Vista’s all-new VK2 dome camera and VK2 PTZ camera models

by Brian Sims

Are you an end user looking to maximise the advantages of “crystal clear 4K images” along with long-range IR illumination? Vista’s new ultra HD cameras have just been released. These cameras are packed with high-end features, making them the ideal choice for use in multiple applications such as perimeter protection, sports stadiums, large industrial sites and for border security.

They incorporate true wide dynamic range, allowing detailed images to be captured, even in scenes of high contrast such as entrances. Both cameras have super low-light large format sensors, producing high-quality images no matter what the conditions. Additionally, they possess a whole spectrum of advanced video analytics including intelligent motion, intrusion and human shape detection.

The vandal-resistant VK2-4KXVRD36V11M dome cameras are “perfect” in scenarios where crystal clear images are required. The VK2 PTZ camera (designated the VK2-4KX30IR-PM) with its long-range 30:1 zoom lens, zoom tracking IR, alarm inputs and “excellent” low-light performance makes it an ideal choice for large sites demanding specific security requirements.

Both cameras have been aggressively priced and come with many benefits. They’re ideal for use in sites with high-security specifications that require excellent quality images day and night.

Both models feature built-in IR illumination for effective night-time illumination. They also have super low-light Sony Starvis 1/1.7” large-format sensors which gather more light from any scene to produce quality images in poorly illuminated scenes

End users also benefit from high stream regions of interest. Resolution and frame rate within and out of the eight chosen areas can be defined, reducing bandwidth and storage required by the camera. In addition, advanced video analytics includes intelligent motion, intrusion, tampering, line crossing, loitering and human shape detection.

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