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Norbain releases VOLO cloud-based access control system

by Brian Sims

Norbain has launched VOLO, a new and innovative way of delivering access control solutions. By combining advanced controller technology with GSM connectivity and cloud-hosted software, installation time, infrastructure and hardware costs can be significantly reduced. With” unparalleled scalability” from one to over 10,000 sites and without any requirement for local servers or infrastructure, the most challenging and diverse of access control systems may be delivered cost-effectively irrespective of location. ” The concept of hosting in the cloud is now very familiar to all of us,” commented Andrew Pigram, business development director at Norbain.” We use it every day for our voicemails, e-mail and online banking, for example. The advantage when it comes to access control is that it makes managing multiple sites and users extremely simple, with changes being made instantaneously. This is a great benefit for many applications.” Pigram added:” Initial interest in the solution has been extremely positive. We’ve already worked on a number of installations, from construction sites through to those for Town Councils.” Benefits of the VOLO solution for end users Reduced hardware investment As well as no requirement for a PC, the GSM GPRS connectivity means that a site does not even need local or direct connection to the Internet, making VOLO ideal for remote sites Scalable expansion Simple, virtually unlimited expansion for sites, users and operators without any investment in new software, networks or servers Simple system maintenance System enhancements and upgrades can be made instantly without the need to visit a site. This ensures the latest version of the software is always in operation, even across multi-site end users Immediate system management System programming, adding users, card issuance, configuring groups and access rights can all be performed via any supported web browser from anywhere in the world Simple license structure Hosted services are provided through an annual charge as opposed to a higher up-front software investment with upgrade or expansion charges later on. Additional licences are needed only as required and when the system grows For more information visit here

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