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Nominet joins new Government Cyber initiative

by Brian Sims

Nominet has been invited to join the Government’s cyber crime reduction partnership, an initiative which aims to bring together leading representatives from industry, academia, government and law enforcement to tackle cyber crime in the UK. Jointly chaired by Security Minister James Brokenshire and David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, the partnership held its first meeting last month. Nominet’s position in the cyber world gives it insight into the nature, timing and shape of many organised cyber crime attacks in the UK. It takes a broad approach to tackling crime, from deploying technical solutions to empowering consumers to keep themselves safe. Last year it worked with registrars to suspend over 700 domains associated with criminal activity. Nominet champions key issues and provides support to for consumers in tackling the increasing number of digital threats, from internet scams to avoiding identity fraud. Lesley Cowley OBE, CEO of Nominet, stated, ‘The internet must be trusted if it’s to continue to fulfil its potential as a driver of economic growth. The challenge is for a wide range of stakeholders” not just those in the technology sector – to share information and ideas, so that our ability to spot, predict and combat online crime evolves in step with the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals. I’m looking forward to sharing the perspectives and expertise of Nominet and the wider industry.’

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