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New Chair of Banknote Watch appointed

by Brian Sims

Banknote Watch, the crime reduction partnership aimed at reducing the losses due to cash-in-transit and ATM crime, has appointed a new chair following a lengthy selection process. Richard Childs joined Banknote Watch at the end of 2012, following spells within both public and private sectors. Childs currently also holds the role of Managing Director of ACPO CPI, which supports Secured by Design. He is also the ACPO lead for security systems and is a past member of the Prison Service Pay Review Body. Childs intends to build closer partnerships with the police and Government to develop new ways to make cash more secure, while further influencing the security industry’s response to serious crime, particularly involving commercial robbery. ‘Banknote Watch is a good example of how an industry can join together in an area of common interest” commercial crime” and by working closely together with Police and Government departments, make sustained progress against this very serious issue’ stated Childs. Banknote Watch was established by the security industry, the Police and the forensic community, to remove stolen banknotes from circulation, thus preventing criminals profiting from the proceeds of cash-in-transit crime. The move also reduced the risk of businesses becoming the victims of commercial robbery. Increasing public awareness of how to identify stolen banknotes, and what to do with them, is another objective of the initiative, and one which Childs is keen to expand upon.

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