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NCSC and KPMG introduce “major survey” on diversity in UK’s cyber sector

by Brian Sims

A drive to improve the diversity of talent working in cyber security has been launched with a mass survey of all staff currently operational in the sector. The survey, which is to be conducted on an annual basis by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and KPMG UK, is designed to paint a comprehensive picture of the current workforce in the cyber security industry.

The NCSC is committed to continuing its pledge to ensure the profession fully represents diversity and inclusion. Data from the survey will be used to highlight any areas needing improvement as part of the mission to encourage a wide range of individuals to choose cyber security as a fulfilling career.

Jacqui Chard, deputy director for defence and national security at the NCSC, said: “In order for the industry to attract the best talent from across all communities in the UK, we must first understand the current workforce and then develop strategies that improve the opportunities on offer to all. I strongly urge organisations and their staff to take part in this short survey and help us to build a robust foundation that further enhances our commitment to making the UK’s cyber security industry the model standard for diversity and inclusion.”

Dione Le Tissier, defence director in KPMG’s People and Change practice, added: “In an age where digital skills are more valued than ever, talent of all backgrounds and perspectives will be vital for continued innovation in sectors key to the safe and successful future of the UK. The survey is the first step on this journey and represents business and Government working jointly to listen and learn. The responses to the survey will be invaluable in working towards a more inclusive workforce across the tech and defence sectors.”

The survey can be accessed here and will take around ten minutes to complete. It will close in March, with a detailed analysis and recommendations published later on this year. The survey is anonymous and can be completed by anyone who works (or has worked) in the cyber security industry.

Data collected will also be used to measure performance and inform a series of joint initiatives by the NCSC and industry partners to help create a more inclusive environment.

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