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National Business Crime Solution introduces new NBCS Consultancy service

by Brian Sims

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) – a not-for-profit organisation that enables the sharing of data between law enforcement agencies and members of the business community in order to reduce crime – has announced the introduction of a new consultancy service. The NBCS Consultancy is specifically designed to help members and non-members alike configure effective security strategies, implement risk-based deployment, address loss prevention and online fraud and deliver effective policy and stakeholder management.

The NBCS Consultancy makes full and effective use of the organisation’s extensive in-house expertise and is headed up by managing director Daniel Hardy alongside policy and stakeholder director Catherine Bowen and fraud business development director Alison Parkinson. Hardy, Bowen and Parkinson work closely with the NBCS’ analytical resources team located in Worcester as well as a full team of support personnel.

NBCS experts all possess recognised academic and professional security qualifications and come from a diverse range of corporate backgrounds.

Speaking about the new initiative, Daniel Hardy informed Risk UK: “This wide-ranging experience combines to ensure that the NBCS Consultancy has unrivalled levels of knowledge and expertise that can be used to advise companies on the security of their assets through both human and technological means.”

NBCS members will be offered consultancy services at a preferential rate, while non-members are also able to take advantage of the services on offer. Companies that are part of the organisation’s Associate Membership scheme, and who have the platinum package, will receive one day of consultation per year.

The recently-launched Associate Membership scheme affords vendors unfettered access to senior decision-makers at some of the nation’s most prestigious organisations through NBCS events that are cost-effective to attend and which eliminate the hassle normally associated with conferences and exhibitions.

Daniel Hardy

Daniel Hardy

Thinking about the longer term, the NBCS Consultancy can conduct regular strategic security reviews, risk and threat assessments and perform security audits designed to meet a given client’s specific needs. Regular reviews of existing security programmes and measures are advisable in order to maintain standards, as a security strategy that was relevant some years ago might not be so today.

Hardy concluded: “The importance of a clearly-defined and implemented security and loss prevention strategy cannot be overstated. Organisations in all vertical sectors now realise that expert guidance is an invaluable part of this process. The formation of the NBCS Consultancy galvanises our extensive knowledge into one complete offering and we will continue to develop it to meet the ever-changing needs of both members and non-members alike.”

*For further information contact Catherine Bowen via e-mail at: catherine.bowen@nationalbusinesscrimesolution.com or telephone 0800 080 6016. Alternatively, visit: www.nationalbusinesscrimesolution.com

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