Home News Marks & Spencer works with FOUR Group in bid to upgrade Distribution Centre surveillance regime

Marks & Spencer works with FOUR Group in bid to upgrade Distribution Centre surveillance regime

by Brian Sims

Retailer Marks & Spencer has upgraded to an effective and efficient CCTV system that adheres to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

The company needed to upgrade the CCTV system at its major distribution centre located in Bradford. The business wanted a scheme that was effective, efficient and in line with the 12 guiding principles contained within the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

“Security is always a key concern for us,” said Nick Russell, the Marks & Spencer build project manager, “but we also want schemes that are of high compliance standards in terms of legislation and processes. This means we end up with a cost-effective and efficient CCTV system that represents value for money.”

It’s important that, before a new system is installed, every stage of development is thought through and processed into an effective CCTV operational requirement report otherwise it will present difficulties later on in the installation. Marks & Spencer appointed FOUR Security Consultants to help guide them through the stages from start to finish and draw up the Operational Requirement report for the scheme.

Operational delivery and data compliance

Brendan McGarrity, a director at FOUR Security Consultants, explained their approach. “We bring together the key people at an early stage of the design. This means we design a system that supports Marks & Spencer’s operational delivery and data compliance requirements.”

McGarrity added: “Bringing all of the parties together provides a great opportunity to raise everyone’s awareness of the standards and legislation required to operate a CCTV system that’s technically compliant and meets CCTV competency standards.”

He continued: “Many organisations are not aware of their legal responsibilities around the use of CCTV. Our approach is to raise awareness of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice and the 12 guiding principles. We can help give advice to ensure suitable rules, policies and procedures are established to govern and oversee the operation of the CCTV system. Our experience is that a compliant system is also an effective and efficient system.”

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