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Motorola Solutions chosen to provide UK’s next generation public safety communications system

by Brian Sims

The Home Office has signed the Lot 2 contract with Motorola Solutions for user services on its new Emergency Services Network (ESN), a next generation public safety communications system.

Motorola Solutions will also provide system integration and critical functionality for the new public safety long term evolution (LTE)-based network, which is expected to be relied upon by more than 300,000 emergency and public service users at more than 300 agencies across Great Britain.

The ESN will support a network based on 4G public safety LTE technology with voice and broadband data services, such as the ability to send photos and video, for Great Britain’s police, fire, rescue, ambulance and other public services.

“As a company trusted to provide emergency and public safety agencies with innovative, reliable and secure critical communications technology, we’re honoured to have been selected for this opportunity,” said Manuel Torres, senior vice-president of Europe and North Africa sales and support services at Motorola Solutions. “We share the ESN´s commitment and vision to equipping emergency and public service agencies with the functionality and capabilities that a broadband-based network can offer.”

Motorola Solutions boasts a proven track record of delivering, managing and operating large-scale, complex and dependable public safety networks across the globe, operating more than 20 mission-critical systems in countries including Denmark, Norway, Austria, Australia and the United States.

In addition, the business is implementing the three largest public safety LTE networks in the world. These are located in Los Angeles County, California in the US and two Middle Eastern countries.

The company is also leading public safety LTE trials with multiple international police and military forces across the globe.

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