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Motorola opens new test lab in the UK

by Brian Sims

Motorola Solutions is premiering its Mission Critical Solutions Centre in the UK. The facility has been designed specifically to address the needs for new applications and services that will support emergency service personnel tasked with delivering public safety on the streets in the years to come. The test lab and live demonstration facility runs tests such as ‘Emergency services respond to terrorist bomb threat.’ Mission critical communications are undergoing a significant evolution as governments and public safety organisations begin preparations to add 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards-based LTE (Long Term Evolution) broadband technology to existing TETRA environments, which handle mission critical group calls. With TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) early adopters of TETRA already have access to mission-critical data services, including situational awareness video. In order to cater for higher bandwidth data applications such as high-definition video, and to support the wider use of data these Public Safety organisations are now looking at refreshing their networks and adding LTE. Incorporating a working command and control centre with live TETRA and LTE mobile broadband feeds, Motorola Solution’s Mission Critical Solutions Centre offers the flexibility to support the development of applications and services that deploy both TETRA and LTE together, or LTE as a standalone public safety environment.

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