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Motion detection now far smarter thanks to introduction of Dahua’s SMD Plus

by Brian Sims

Dahua Technology has released SMD Plus, the first full-channel smart motion detection system that delivers detection accuracy of up to 95%. The new software is available on Dahua’s XVR AI models, delivering “unprecedented” levels of people and vehicle detection, while also filtering out false and nuisance alarms.

Dahua is the first company to introduce full-channel smart motion detection for both indoor and outdoor applications. The solution is based on the company’s  deep learning technology and a fully independent AI chipset, delivering fewer false alarms and reduced human surveillance costs. In addition, end users can clearly see the target detected on-screen. Visualised alarm management is realised via the added real-time tracking box.

The SMD Plus solution is ideal for applications including those in the banking and financial sector, casinos, museums and galleries, retail complexes and education campuses. It’s equally suitable for locations as diverse as indoor corridors and park or campus entrances.

Upgraded from the original SMD technology running on the CPU, the new SMD Plus uses an independent AI smart chip loaded with new deep learning algorithms, enabling processing power to be ten times more powerful. It also needs fewer pixels to make positive detection results. As a result, SMD Plus can recognise moving objects and differentiate between people and vehicles, effectively reducing false alarms caused by objects such as tree branches, animals, insects, shadows and the effects of wind.

Meanwhile, end users can target specific vehicles or people for tracking and playback, saving them a great deal of time searching for and retrieving relevant video.

Compared against perimeter protection products that support just two or four channels, Dahua SMD XVRs support up to 16 channels and are suitable for many security applications both indoors and outside.

HDCVI users only need to upgrade their devices from XVR-X to XVR-I to enjoy the full benefits of HD over coax with advanced AI performance.

In conjunction with Dahua’s active deterrence camera, the system can be used to warn off any intruders with white light and a siren, thereby protecting premises while also saving on manpower. No other equipment is required and alarms and alerts can be sent to a user’s mobile phone via the Digital Mobile Surveillance System app.

“Historically, perimeter detection systems have been expensive and required specialist installation and commissioning,” said Steve Norman, sales director at Dahua Technology UK and Ireland. “Based on Dahua’s patented HDCVI technology, the new XVR Series integrates SMD Plus perimeter protection and active deterrence to offer end users an enhanced security capability. The package provides users with a smart technology solution which is simple to configure, straightforward to use and supplied at an affordable cost.”

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