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Mitie Total Security Management agrees on healthcare sector training partnership with Maybo

by Brian Sims

Mitie’s Total Security Management (TSM) business division has announced a licensed training partnership with Maybo, the leading organisation in the arena of conflict management education. Maybo will now deliver bespoke healthcare security training and education to Mitie TSM’s security officers working within the healthcare sector in order to further enhance their knowledge and their ability to deal with conflict and challenging behaviours that can be experienced in hospital settings.

“As one of the largest security providers to the NHS and, indeed, the private healthcare sector, it’s our duty to ensure that we equip our personnel with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to maintain the safety of patients, visitors and staff alike in what can be extremely challenging environments,” explained Jason Towse, managing director of Mitie TSM.

Each Mitie TSM security officer will be trained in a variety of healthcare-specific security topics including:

*Understanding and managing clinically-related challenging behaviours

*Advanced conflict management and de-escalation skills

*Mental health awareness (including knowledge of psychosis and dementia)

*Protection of vulnerable people

*Implications of key legislation and guidance relating to mental health and capacity and restrictive practices

*Substance abuse and its effects on behaviour

The bespoke training will also include missing persons response and the medical implications of issues such as asphyxia, delirium and serotonin syndrome.

The extensive training Maybo provides is in line with guidance issued by BILD, NHS Protect, the Department of Health, Skills for Health and the Royal College of Nursing.

Bill Fox, chairman of Maybo, informed Risk UK: “Hospitals are both challenging and rewarding environments for security professionals to operate within. Mitie specialises in this sector, and we’re delighted to support the business’ commitment to developing the confidence and capabilities of its healthcare security officers.”

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