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Mitie Group plc widens managerial remit for TSM leader Bob Forsyth

by Brian Sims
Bob Forsyth

Bob Forsyth

Facilities management specialist Mitie Group plc has appointed Bob Forsyth (managing director of the company’s dedicated Total Security Management division) as the new managing director of its Environmental + cleaning business. Environmental + is one of the largest cleaning businesses in Britain, responsible for cleaning solutions across a myriad of concerns from banks to shops, world-famous hospitals and international airports.

The cleaning business is commercially central to Mitie Group plc, generating no less than £400 million in revenues every year and employing upwards of 33,000 cleaning staff across the country.

Forsyth adds this new position to his existing responsibilities as managing director of Mitie Total Security Management (TSM) which provides integrated and risk-based approaches for a plethora of clients.

Now with over ten years’ experience at Mitie, Forsyth will focus on bringing innovation to the cleaning industry based on his strong performance and proven success in leading the security business for the last six years.

Jason Towse

Jason Towse

In tandem, Jason Towse will now widen his remit. As managing director of Mitie’s TSM business, Towse will be responsible for both people and technology services, supporting Forsyth and continuing to grow this element of Mitie’s offer within the security sector.

“I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to widen my remit within Mitie,” explained Forsyth. “Since assuming the new role I’ve seen several areas in which we can take the Environmental + business forward in a really positive way.”

He added: “Our Environmental + business is fundamental to Mitie and I’m looking forward to helping establish it as the industry leader through delivering excellent service for clients, looking after our people and driving innovation and fresh thinking.”

In terms of the TSM business, Forsyth stated: “I’m confident that Jason will continue to inspire change in the security sector and drive our security business forward with security convergence and cyber high on his agenda.”

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