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Mitie Care & Custody wins ten-year contract with Home Office for immigration security

by Brian Sims

Mitie’s Care & Custody business has been awarded a ten-year contract with the Home Office worth an estimated £525 million through a competitive tender process*. The business will now be responsible for escorting immigration detainees, both within the UK and overseas, on removal flights to detainees’ home countries.

The contract, which will start in May 2018, also includes the management of a number of fixed facilities throughout the UK, including airport holding rooms, reporting centres and two short-term holding facilities.

Mitie currently manages two immigration removal centres on behalf of the Home Office, specifically Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre and the Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre. Together, these centres currently have the capacity to house over 1,200 detainees.

Mitie will make significant advances in developing technology systems in partnership with the Home Office to transform the way in which immigration escorting services are delivered. This focus on the use of new and emerging technologies will modernise working and operational practices in order to improve efficiencies and de-risk removals.

Colin Dobell, managing director of Mitie’s Care & Custody business, said: “This is a game-changing new contract for Mitie Care & Custody. Since the award of the contract for services at Campsfield House back in 2010, we’ve worked closely with the Home Office to provide a safe and secure approach to immigration services. We’re delighted to expand this partnership and look forward to implementing the new contract backed by embedded new technology. We believe this will transform immigration escorting services for the Home Office, the people in our care and also those who work for us.”

*Award is made subject to contract

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