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Magenta Security Services backs First Aid training for licensed security officers

by Brian Sims

Magenta Security Services is strongly supporting the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) decision to require licensed security officers to undertake First Aid training from 1 April 2020. The company’s support for the move is based on the firm belief that the new requirement will improve standards across the industry.

“First Aid training is highly regulated and recorded and demonstrates a high level of competence in terms of language skills, knowledge retention, sound judgement and a calm demeanour under pressure, all of which should be inherent in licensed security officers,” commented Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security Services.

“Although Magenta Security Services is still an ardent supporter of business-level licensing for the private security industry, we welcome this new policy as it will force security providers to ensure their officers are better trained. It will end the situation where below standard individuals receive licences and increase the quality of security services available to the wider market.”

Abbey Petkar

Abbey Petkar

Magenta Security Services has been a long-term advocate for stricter licensing of both security officers and security businesses, having campaigned for company-wide licensing for many years now. The business views this as a significant step towards more professionalisation across the industry.

Petkar concluded: “Too many cowboy firms find ways in which to circumvent the licensing process, putting low grade officers in the field. They then undercut professional firms because they can get away with low wages and poor working conditions. The addition of First Aid training to the licensing process adds another level of robust quality control, in turn ensuring higher standards across the whole private security industry.”

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