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Lone worker protection system enhanced with IVR

by Brian Sims

Liquid Voice has completed an IVR (interactive voice response) project for SitexOrbis. The project is part of the Code5 lone worker protection service integrates call recording, IVR, GPS, scheduling and incident handling systems to help the response team provide rapid assistance to lone workers in potentially dangerous situations. This is handled through a BS8484 alarm receiving centre. Lone workers including district nurses, care workers, traffic wardens and housing officers use the service through either mobile phones or dedicated panic response buttons, which monitors movements and conversations, and provides necessary assistance in the event of an incident. The system uses open-mic technology to allow monitoring staff to quickly and covertly hear what is happening at an incident to gauge the level of response. SitexOrbis has used a Liquid Voice call recording solution for a number of years, so the company was the first point of contact regarding the IVR solution. The company needed to work with a partner with both a strong product base across both areas and a corresponding technical development capability to help with migration and integration. The Liquid Voice call recording is constantly active across all monitored lone worker services and begins recording the moment either a call or silent alarm with open-mic is sounded. The system allows operators to quickly playback elements with enhanced audio while the ongoing recording is unaffected. The IVR element allows lone workers to both quickly record location information as well as automating a timed telephone call check to ensure they are safe. Both systems are integrated into an advanced tracking, monitoring and incident management system that allows operators to rapidly analyse and escalate any issues to police or other local response teams.

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