Home News Lodge Service and PALS sign merger deal to form new retail loss prevention offer

Lodge Service and PALS sign merger deal to form new retail loss prevention offer

by Brian Sims
Stuart Lodge (left) and Karl Jordan

Stuart Lodge (left) and Karl Jordan

International loss prevention and security consultancy Lodge Service has merged its profit protection and LodgIC Intelligence Centre business with that of ‘total loss’ consultants PALS (Profit and Loss Support). The PALS team offers domain expertise in ‘total loss’ consultancy and has access to advanced software and hardware solutions that complement Lodge Service’s many years of security and investigations experience.

As a result of the merger deal, both existing and new clients will see major benefits from the two businesses joining forces. Lodge Service CEO Stuart Lodge commented: “Lodge Service was formed nearly 100 years ago, originally as a test purchasing business for testing the integrity of cashiers at the Point of Sale. As we move into a second century of operations, we can now provide our clients with new insights and solutions combining the use of critical data with experienced security staff.”

Lodge continued: “The value of test purchasing is considerably enhanced by data mining, which we can combine with mystery shopping to include customer experience evaluation. Over the next five years, the objective is to provide our customers with a new ‘blended’ solution designed to resolve risks. It’s a solution that aligns specialist manpower with the application of technology to achieve a targeted, intelligence-led strategy.”

PALS was formed by managing director Karl Jordan and Ben Macdonald back in 2015. Last year, the duo also founded Transpeye, a cloud-based Electronic Point of Sale and device activity alerting system.

Speaking about the merger deal, Jordan informed Risk UK: “This merger extends our capability to support every area of retail security and profit protection objectives comprehensively. Wherever the risks occur in-store, through e-commerce channels, the retail supply chain or at a corporate level, we can now make full use of remote monitoring systems and technologies in order to enhance our existing software and hardware solutions.”

Analysis of business data

Jordan feels the merger “upgrades” the facilities of LodgIC and the Intelligence Centre team to enable analysis of business data, including transactional activity. Together with CCTV evidence and cloud integration, this supports data protection and the European Union’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation requirements for clients. “Allied with external data and national crime intelligence on organised gang activity,” added Jordan, “we can help clients to achieve their objectives of selling more and losing less.”

For its part, Lodge Service offers security staffing, investigations, CCTV and alarm installation, store detectives and test purchasing services, all managed from its LodgIC Intelligence Centre.

In conclusion, Stuart Lodge observed: “I’m delighted about this merger. I have known Karl and the team for many years. PALS will naturally complement our business, given its similar values and visions. PALS also boasts an extensive skill set which will enhance our overall Lodge Service management infrastructure.”

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