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Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Security Management introduced by The Security Institute

by Brian Sims
The Security Institute is always looking to develop the skills and knowledge base of practising security professionals

The Security Institute is always looking to develop the skills and knowledge base of practising security professionals

In conjunction with its established learning development partner Perpetuity Training, The Security Institute is now set to introduce a Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Security Management via the distance learning route.

The new Diploma is targeted at Master’s Degree level and specifically designed to benefit those wishing to take their professional development to the highest levels within both The Security Institute and the security profession in general.

The Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Security Management is delivered by the distance learning method and takes around nine months to complete. Assessment is conducted by way of three written assignments, the third of which is focused solely on a security management topic of the learner’s choice. This arrangement allows the learner to produce a high level body of work that’s of direct relevance to their own organisation. It’s a move that will prove to be of considerable value to employers.

The written assignments are completed as part of three modules (as follows):

*Critical Thinking and Critical Writing Skills
In the first module, learners will study critical thinking and writing skills. The assignment will be based on conducting a critical analysis and review of a security, policing or crime-related report. This particular assessment runs to 1,500 words.

*Research Methods and Project Proposals
Here, learners will study security research methods and project proposals. For its part, the assignment is based on creating and submitting a project proposal. That proposal will form the basis of the work undertaken in the next module. Again, the assessment here will be 1,500 words.

*Conducting Research and Projects
For the final module, learners study how research projects are written (including the presentation of findings). Learners will then undertake a security research-based project and submit their completed research report as the final course assessment.

David Thorp

David Thorp

Commenting on this educational development, David Thorp – managing director at The Security Institute – told Risk UK: “Perpetuity Training has been our training partner since 2007 and, across the last eight years, has excelled in providing training to large numbers of security professionals. This has resulted in those professionals achieving a BTEC Level 3 Certificate and/or a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Security Management. I’m confident that this new Level 7 Advanced Diploma will prove to be hugely popular. Undoubtedly, it takes The Security Institute’s qualifications to the next level and meets a definite demand exhibited by higher stratas of the security profession.”

Ken Livingstone, managing director of Perpetuity Training, added: “We appreciate that security professionals have to carefully plan how they spend their precious time, which is exactly why we’re offering the Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Security Management as a distance learning course. The Diploma affords learners the advantage of being able to study from anywhere in the world and acquire a significant career-enhancing qualification.”

*Course entrants must hold a Security Institute Diploma and have seven years’ experience of working in security management or a related management field or hold a security-related BA/BSc degree and have seven years’ experience of working in security management or a related field or hold a BA/BSc degree that’s non-security related and have a decade of experience spent working in security management or a related field

**Full details of the course content and eligibility to participate can be obtained by e-mailing: training@perpetuitytraining.com

Perpetuity Training and The Security Institute

Through its renowned distance learning platform, Perpetuity Training provides accredited security management instruction on the global stage. The business also specialises in bespoke training for organisations wishing to provide tailored education for their employees in areas such as security management, security surveying, cyber security, risk, crisis and disaster management, workplace investigations and interviewing.

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone

Perpetuity’s parent company is the Linx International Group which also encompasses the Linx Consultancy, ARC Training International and Tavcom Training.

*For more information on Perpetuity Training telephone: +44 (0) 116 277 3313, e-mail: training@perpetuitytraining.com or visit: www.perpetuitytraining.com

The Security Institute is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 for the benefit of individuals working in the security sector. It promotes the art and science of security management and continually strives to drive standards, educate and spread Best Practice across the security sector – a sector responsible, of course, for the safety of much of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure.

The Security Institute is responsible for managing and operating the Register of Chartered Security Professionals on behalf of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. In conjunction with the Chartered Security Professionals Registration Authority, the Institute actively sets standards, provides quality control and looks after the appointment and management of licensees as well as admitted registrants.

*For more information on The Security Institute telephone: 08453 707717 (within the UK) or +44 2476 346464 (outside of the UK), e-mail: info@security-institute.org or visit: www.security-institute.org

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