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Learning tool for CCTV operators launched by CPNI

by Brian Sims

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has launched an interactive e-learning course for CCTV operators that’s ideal for those members of the security staff whose role includes monitoring CCTV images for suspicious behaviour. CCTV operators face significant challenges. As individuals, they’re required to deliver consistently in an environment where technology is constantly changing and increasingly complex. For their part, host organisations need to ensure their security staff are attentive, vigilant and motivated at all times. Effective training, of course, can assist greatly when it comes to increasing staff motivation. Are your CCTV operators responsible for resolving suspicious activities? Do your officers know what suspect behaviour looks like? The CPNI’s new CCTV operator e-learning course can help members of the security team understand why it’s often difficult to spot suspect behaviours. It explores some of the elements that affect those operators, such as vision and memory, how this impacts on what is seen, how it’s understood and then subsequently acted upon. The course explores ways of overcoming these natural restrictions. The learning programme also covers the consequences of failures and the effect they may have on how a given situation is interpreted. In essence, this is an interactive e-learning package for CCTV operators who, as part of their job, are responsible for proactively monitoring and responding to suspicious activities. The modular course takes approximately one hour to complete and may be reviewed individually or as part of a group. Downloadable fact sheets provide a handy aide memoireand there’s a certificate of completion available for personal development records. Learn more here UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter has fully endorsed the e-learning package.” This e-learning from the CPNI is extremely welcome and useful for anyone operating CCTV,” stated Porter.

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