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Kronos delivers for workforce management in FM sector with AI-powered solution

by Brian Sims

Kronos has launched Workforce Dimensions, a new workforce management solution that’s said to “represent the next generation of workforce technology”. Every dimension – the underlying architecture, user experience, functionality, integration, data access, delivery and support – is designed to help optimise the most valuable resource for facilities management (FM) providers: their people.

The solution provides a fully-responsive UI and the same engaging user experience across phones, tablets and desktops, allowing employees and managers “unprecedented control” over how they want to consume information. Users can create a personalised experience, benefit from one click actions to make common workflows simple and use collaborative self-scheduling tools to express where, when and how much they want to work.

This advanced functionality is especially relevant for the FM sector where employees require control over swapping shifts, for example.

As well as transforming the employee experience, Workforce Dimensions also “revolutionises” the role of front line managers through Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced machine learning and real-time, embedded analytics. Workforce management practices are streamlined to deliver insights that help managers in making better business decisions and working smarter. This is achieved through AI algorithms providing proactive insights and recommendations before potential issues negatively affect engagement and the bottom line.

From proactive reporting and personalised data views to advanced analytics and self-learning applications based on true data science, Workforce Dimensions harbours the predictive capabilities required to make smarter and faster business decisions.

By way of example, daily and time-consuming decisions such as volume forecasting are automated, with the accuracy of volume forecast improving by as much as 25%. For FM providers, this has a huge impact, enabling front line managers to deliver strategic labour insights to their organisations, in turn dramatically increasing the time that they spend on more strategic initiatives.

Cloud platform for workforce management

Workforce Dimensions is the industry’s first workforce management cloud platform designed specifically to meet the challenges of today’s global enterprises. It’s built on the Kronos D5 platform, an innovative open API cloud architecture designed from the ground up to handle the massive real-time computational challenges of processing global enterprise workforce management data in real-time.

“Workforce Dimensions fundamentally reshapes the relationship between employees and the organisations where they work, thus creating new levels of collaboration that were never thought possible,” explained Aron Ain, CEO Kronos. “Technology is changing the future of work, and we believe that Workforce Dimensions is changing the future of workforce management.”

Through the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Marketplace, FM providers are able to integrate the suite with the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar and Google Sheets. An example of a Marketplace application includes a conversational ‘chatbot’ for Microsoft Teams that allows employees and managers to request and review time off, check schedules and punch histories, quickly locate employees and more easily complete other daily activities. Similarly, an integration with Microsoft Outlook allows employees and managers to submit, review and approve time-off requests and timecards directly from Outlook. Front line employees working different shifts each week will never worry about being late again with the ability to sync their schedule with Google Calendar.

In addition to innovative product extensions, the Workforce Dimensions Marketplace includes pre-built integrations with NGA Human Resources, Oracle and SAP SuccessFactors. These proven integrations accelerate deployment to realise faster time-to-value and provide a true end-to-end global human capital management solution via real-time data sharing.

To support organisations seeking a third party partner to assist with the development of customised Workforce Dimensions applications, EPAM, Objectiva and Softserv have joined the Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Programme to offer their expertise with the Workforce Dimensions Developer Portal and open APIs.

Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research, stated: “The introduction of Workforce Dimensions represents a significant milestone for Kronos’ 40-year journey. The new platform and applications combines the company’s workforce management market leadership with a brand new, intelligent and smart cloud computing platform that leverages AI, machine learning, and embedded analytics to help everyone – from management right through to front line workers – make both better and faster decisions. An open API ensures that Workforce Dimensions is extensible and configurable and also that it will benefit from future innovations, while a ‘mobile-first’ design empowers everyone to truly work anywhere, anytime and on any device they choose.”

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