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KPMG and Google form alliance to help organisations “transform digital experiences”

by Brian Sims

KPMG International has entered into an alliance with Google to help organisations “transform their business and operating models” by dint of adopting secure cloud computing, machine learning, enterprise mobility and advanced analytics technologies.

As part of the collaboration, KPMG is creating a portfolio of industry solutions built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). KPMG member firms around the globe are currently engaging with clients on solutions for financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail, etc. These solutions, including customer service solutions, contract management, cyber security, regulatory compliance and business and process performance, will benefit from GCP’s trusted security, advanced data analytics and machine learning.

Two KPMG solutions available now are KPMG Intelligent Interactions for creating a differentiated customer experience and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Assessment and Compliance solutions for managing customer data and privacy. More of these anon.

“Organisations are seeing advanced technologies and natural language experiences as a key to transforming their businesses,” said Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, KPMG’s global leader for customer and operations and executive sponsor for the Google Alliance. “KPMG is creating data-driven solutions that harness Google Cloud technology, including machine learning, to help our member firm clients advance business strategies and deliver unrivalled digital experiences.”

Advantages of Google Cloud

Tariq Shaukat, president of partners and industry platforms at Google Cloud, added: “Our alliance with KPMG helps customers across industries benefit from the advantages of Google Cloud, including our advanced security, data analytics and machine learning capabilities, to solve real business challenges. We’re working alongside KPMG to develop new solutions that help enable customers to actively participate in the creation of their own solutions.”

KPMG’s business acumen, industry knowledge and business process consulting help member firm clients understand how to integrate machine learning technology. Combining this experience with Google Cloud’s pre-trained machine learning models, made accessible via application programming interfaces (APIs), streamlines new product development whereby clients don’t need to build and train their own models. KPMG also provides machine learning models that can be quickly customised using the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

The alliance allows member firm clients to take advantage of GCP-based solutions as part of the KPMG Ignite portfolio of Artificial Intelligence capabilities, KPMG’s Centre of Excellence for Data and Analytics and Intelligent Automation and also KPMG’s 65 Google Cloud-certified consultants. The Centre of Excellence has established a KPMG GCP ‘lab’ to foster experimentation and collaboration with Google Cloud on specific client use cases.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions

As stated, one of the first available solution offerings under the alliance is KPMG’s Intelligent Interactions, which is part of the Connected Enterprises portfolio. The solution automates and enhances customer interactions by using machine learning technology, including Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Translate APIs, in order to determine sentiment and intent.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions links with other intelligent automation technologies, such as robotic process automation, to help clients automate customer responses and redesign business processes. For example, voice automation – with capabilities to understand, translate and identify sentiment and intent – can augment interactions with customers. Virtual assistants – built with Google Cloud machine learning language capabilities, including DialogFlow, Speech APIs and Translate APIs – can anticipate customer needs based on pre-defined triggers.

GDPR Assessment and Compliance solutions

To help member firm clients build and execute a new vision for customer data management beyond compliance, KPMG teams offer purpose-built solutions that assist clients with the challenges of GDPR compliance while helping lay the foundation for a strong data management and privacy strategy.

The solutions combine KPMG’s domain, regulation, customer analytics, enterprise data strategy and compliance knowledge with Google’s machine learning-based cloud technology, data management and advanced analytics products to deliver a sustainable platform with single customer views, legal and compliance support, end-to-end modelling platforms, cloud data warehousing and a secure data infrastructure.

The solutions help reduce the costs associated with ongoing compliance, streamline compliance efforts, enable data-driven customer service improvements and support analytics-powered processing.

*For more information visit kpmg.com/us/google

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