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Kentec launches Fire-Cryer Plus to enhance extinguishing control panels portfolio

by Brian Sims

Kentec, the specialist manufacturer of life-critical control systems, has launched Fire-Cryer Plus as an enhancement to the company’s established range of extinguishing control panels.

Fire-Cryer Plus voice sounders with visual indicators are an alternative to standard electronic sounders and bells which provide an audible tone only. The technology provides approved audible tones supplemented with dedicated voice messages providing clear notification and instructions within areas where extinguishing systems are installed, as well as clear and concise indication of system status (which is critical to ensure that a given area within a building is evacuated before extinguishant is then released).

Fire-Cryer Plus provides four specific voice messages identifying first stage alarm (evacuation), second stage alarm (extinguishant release imminent) and confirmation of extinguishant release as well as hold button activation.

Kevin Swann, managing director of Kentec, said: “The Fire-Cryer technology enhances fire safety procedures. The added voice sounder functionality brings an added layer of safety to a wide range of applications where spoken announcements are essential, for example in Data Centres and communications environments where mission-critical systems need to deliver optimum up-time.”

Other features include a sound output of 100 dB(A) with exceptionally low current averaging at 20 mA.

Rocking armature technology provides high intelligible speech with the Fire-Cryer Plus being industry approved to EN 54-3 standards.

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