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Kentec launches bridge functionality to support phased upgrades and minimise system downtime

by Brian Sims

Life safety systems manufacturer Kentec Electronics has released what it brands as “a unique solution” for migrating Syncro panel networks to the latest Taktis technology and protecting the end user’s long-term investment. With the new Syncro/Taktis bridge functionality, customers can upgrade their existing networks from legacy Syncro fire panels to the new, highly-sophisticated Taktis control panel. Upgrades can be carried out on a panel-by-panel basis with reduced capital expenditure and minimal essential system downtime for the host organisation.

The bridge functionality enables end user customers to replace a Syncro panel with Taktis within a Syncro network. On a mixed network, Taktis panels will function as a Syncro, but once the network is replaced, the full functionality of the feature-rich Taktis will become available. This also enables end user customers to expand their network in line with Taktis’ scalable capabilities.

Kevin Swann, managing director of Kentec Electronics, explained: “We understand that budgets don’t always allow our customers to upgrade their systems all in one go. This bridge capability means our customers can plan and develop their fire system in line with their fire safety requirements to the latest product range, without causing budgetary difficulties. Importantly, this can be done with minimal disruption to the occupants and with less cost, stress and risk for all involved. It’s our belief that this provides a unique opportunity within the fire industry, enabling a compatible path to complete system upgrade.”

Taktis Vision repeaters can also be installed on a Syncro network using the bridge feature, providing an easy-to-use, full-colour, touch-screen interface that delivers information on the status of the fire alarm system to single or multiple locations.

Swann concluded: “In addition to the end user benefits, because the Syncro-Taktis bridge is a firmware feature no additional hardware is required, making implementation a simple process. It also helps installers to forge long-term relationships with end users over the period of the upgrade,”

The popular Syncro panel was first released in 2000 and has since been sold in over 35 countries.

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