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Keep a vigilant eye on your email

by Brian Sims

As the general public are being warned to be on their guard against Ransomware which disguises itself as a legitimate email alert about suspicious payments or invoices, Colin Tankard, Managing Director of Digital Pathways, highlights the need for everyone to be more vigilant when it comes to email accounts. ” This kind of attack is not new,” says Colin.” There have been numerous such viruses that feed on the spammer’s ability to access an individual’s (or in this case tens of millions of individuals’) contact lists. Everybody that uses the Internet and has an email account is generating a digital footprint. If a spammer gains access to an individual’s email account by that person responding to the fake mail, they will gain access to that entire person’s contact list. The spammer is then able to mail to that list disguised as the person whose account it is and thereby increase the likelihood of the recipient responding to it. Colin advises,” It is my opinion that many of these attacks come via friends and colleagues machines in the first place. We all need to become much more vigilant in our on-line dealings. For example, be highly selective about what you download. If the mail looks, or ‘feels’ not quite right don’t click on it. ” If there is a hyper-link within the mail hover the curser over it to see the full link description. Again, this may reveal that all is not what it seems. If in doubt don’t click on it. If you are in any doubt about a mailing call, or email separately from your contact list, the so-called sender and check that it has indeed come from them. ” Only by becoming more security savvy with regard to our on-line activity can we stamp out this kind of threat,” he concludes.

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