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Johnson Controls enters Grade 3 intrusion market with commercial security system

by Brian Sims

The new EN Grade 3-compliant Tyco DSC PowerSeries Pro intrusion security alarm system from Johnson Controls provides a feature-rich intrusion detection solution for commercial properties of any size, ranging from small shops to large office buildings, factories, healthcare facilities and educational campuses.

The PowerSeries Pro completes the JCI intrusion product portfolio. On behalf of their end users, system integrators are now able to single-source a complete electronic security solution for commercial installations from Johnson Controls.

Jennifer Doctor, senior director for intrusion product management with the business, stated: “The launch of this high-specification system provides exciting opportunities for our Tyco installation partners across EMEA to generate new business, as well as consolidate their relationships with existing end user clients. They can now recommend the EN Grade 3-compliant PowerSeries Pro to their clients, along with access control and video surveillance solutions which come under the Johnson Controls umbrella, safe in the knowledge that all of our products and systems meet the most demanding of standards for commercial property applications.”

PowerSeries Pro is ideal for the most demanding applications where a Grade 3 system is an essential requirement or just a reference to follow. PowerSeries Pro has a high-current capability, making it well-suited for large-scale buildings where large numbers of contacts and sensors need to be installed.

All the communication, whether internal between the system components or external with the Monitoring Centre, are cyber secure, meeting the highest standards with AES-128 bit encryption.

Neil Evans, senior product manager at Johnson Controls, believes that the PowerSeries Pro will very quickly earn a reputation for being ‘the installers’ friend’. “Much thought has been put into how we can make life easier for installation engineers and reduce the time they have to be on site,” explained Evans. “For example, PowerSeries Pro is supplied with removable terminal strips and programming templates, as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities to reduce installation and system commissioning time. There’s also a supporting installers’ app which can be run on a smart phone or tablet to program the system locally.”

PowerSeries Pro also offers a highly effective hybrid intrusion security alarm solution by providing the option to install a combination of hardwired and wireless detectors and sensors. With built-in 128-bit AES encryption and cyber protection capabilities, the hybrid option provides an EN Grade 2-equivalent solution which capitalises on unique PowerG technology – an “invisible wire”.

PowerG features multi-channel frequency hopping and provides true two-way wireless communication. It also has the ability to transmit detector activation alerts over long distances. This offers the potential for major cost and operational benefits as a result of one control unit handling the alarm activity from detectors located in multiple buildings on a given site.

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