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Jacksons Fencing launches LPCB Issue 8-certified security mesh perimeter protection system

by Brian Sims

Perimeter security solutions manufacturer Jacksons Fencing has expanded its range of certified products with Securi-Mesh A1. The new product is a 358 mesh, commonly referred to as prison mesh, and designed for applications that specifically demand robust and reliable security. Its small apertures and welds at each intersection make it climb-resistant, prevent objects being passed through it and provide effective defence against conventional hand-cutting tools.

The addition of security-rated Securi-Mesh to Jacksons Fencing’s range is a direct response to the increasing diversity of modern day threats, and will give specifiers more options to adapt security architecture to the situation at hand.

The product’s launch also represents a number of milestones. For example, it’s the 16th Jacksons Fencing product to be certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). Indeed, Securi-Mesh launches in tandem with the LPCB’s new LPS 1175: Issue 8 classification system. This matrix-style classification system, indicated by the tool category and minimum delay (minutes), offers greater flexibility and clarity around security specification. The updated classification also supports a proportionate and layered approach towards security, facilitating far more economical specification of forced entry protection.

Under Issue 8, Securi-Mesh’s SR1 rating is now classified as ‘A1’. This means it will reliably endure an attack time of one minute with tools such as engineer hooks, glass cutters, pliers and punches.

Ideal for light-to-medium security applications, the barrier provides clear visibility making it easier for building occupants or CCTV monitoring personnel to spot potential attackers.

Peter Jackson, managing director at Jacksons Fencing, commented: “We’re constantly adapting and evolving as the security environment develops, so we’re delighted that our new Securi-Mesh is one of the first products to be classified by Issue 8. The new system will deliver greater understanding to those specifying security solutions. It’s important that all security firms work with the new LPCB compliance systems as this will boost the industry’s response to complex and varied threats.”

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