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ITW Security Division launches latest White Papers on ID and travel documents online

by Brian Sims

ITW Security Division has added its latest White Papers entitled ‘Creating Trust in ID Documents’ and ‘Fraudulently Obtained Genuine (FOG) Documents’ to its website for the personal ID and secure Government documents market at www.itwsecuritydivision.com The new Resources section on the website builds on ITW Security Division’s knowledge base and shares this with customers and visitors alike.

‘Creating Trust in ID Documents’ demonstrates how the ID industry today is at a pivotal point as the global market faces the demand of meeting the sometimes contradictory challenges of dealing with traditional ID documents, new technologies and the global increase in levels of counterfeiting and fraud.

Taking a step back, the White Paper looks to think as one, both as members of Government institutions and industry, and identify the best route forward in terms of future security and ID documentation.

Separately, ITW Security Division’s latest White Paper entitled ‘Fraudulently Obtained Genuine (FOG)’ discusses the issues involved with travel documents. Today, the number of FOG documents in existence is believed to be greater than that of falsified or counterfeit documents.

Fraudulent use of identity travel documents, whether FOG, falsified or counterfeit, presents a threat to the security of countries, their citizens, economies and global commerce as a whole, facilitating both crime and terrorism.

“ITW Security Division offers a wealth of products and services to Governments and companies worldwide to enhance and protect their security documents, and we wanted to share our latest thinking in our most recent White Papers to provide inspiration and ideas for customers and the industry,” explained Bob Carey, ITW Security Division’s business unit manager. “We work exceptionally closely with all of our customers to identify the issues the industry is facing, and hope to deal with them in detail across our latest White Paper series.”

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