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It’s war against the cyber arms race

by Brian Sims

Cyber attacks are a low-cost, high efficiency way of carrying out a cyber war. Each region has its own characteristics and types of cyber threats. FireEye, the developer of virtual machine-based security platform against cyber attacks, has release of a report titled, ‘World War C: understanding nation-state motives behind today’s advanced cyber attacks.’ Kenneth Geers, senior global threat analyst, FireEye, says that cyber weapons are being used in real-world conflicts” The world is at cyber war with attacks in every direction and location. Cyber shots are fired in peacetime for immediate geopolitical ends, as well as to prepare for possible future attacks. Since attacks are localized and idiosyncratic, understanding the geopolitics of each region can aid in cyber defence.” ” The biggest challenge is to correctly identifying the perpetrator. Ballistic missiles come with return addresses,” says Prof. John Arquilla of the Naval Postgraduate School.” But computer viruses, worms, and denial of service attacks often emanate from behind a veil of anonymity. The best chance to pierce this veil comes with the skillful blending of forensic ‘back hacking’ techniques with deep knowledge of others’ strategic cultures and their geopolitical aims.” The key characteristics for some of the regions include: ‘

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