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ISM integrated approach selected for control rooms

by Brian Sims

When a government office in Ireland commissioned two integration projects, the contractors in both instances specified ISM’s Genesys 2 control room management system to integrate video surveillance, access control, intruder detection, fire alarms and intercoms. The core of the systems to be integrated included the SigNet intruder detection alarm system Siemens. The system is fully IP-enabled, allowing monitoring or remote configuration/control. John Waite of ISM stated, ‘The Siemens integration combines a true hybrid alarm system with a graphical interface to offer clients a flexible, cost-effective solution. This combination delivers a fully integrated, scalable, robust and wide ranging PSIM platform.’ The solution needed to be fully integrated to allow management of multiple systems on one software platform. In addition, it required a GUI for navigation, with an operator software training time of less than one day. It also had to operate as a standalone platform over LAN or WAN networks.

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