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Intruder Detection: Texecom Cloud for Alarm System Portfolios

by Brian Sims

Texecom has recently launched an advanced Cloud-based platform, Texecom Cloud, that gives security installers the ability to manage multiple alarm systems on behalf of their end user clients from one simple interface and on a simultaneous basis. Clym Brown expands on the detail.

One of the most important features of Texecom Cloud is remote maintenance and health checks. This reduces the number of times installers need to visit a site to diagnose, maintain, manage and service end user customers’ alarm panels. It can even eliminate the need to visit a site completely.

Knowing that a security system is functional, operational and performing is a crucial part of any professional installation. The health check regularly monitors systems to ensure correct operation. Installers can monitor their portfolio of alarm systems, providing peace of mind that all systems are operational and identifying any issues that may otherwise go undetected.

End users often require maintenance contracts to guarantee system uptime, while European and British Standards mandate maintenance visits for any insurance-approved system with police response. So, while standards stipulate two remote maintenance visits per year, this can be reduced to one if Texecom Cloud is used.

This is a fully-compliant method of halving the number of existing call-outs in a year. That not only saves time and money for installers and adds recurring value for end users, but can also potentially reduce call-out times as engineers are working more efficiently. The time saved could be used for new installations, thereby increasing revenues even further.

Remote health checks

Remote health checks can also save time by reducing the number of unnecessary site visits if faults are discovered in a panel. For example, an engineer may be called out to a site without knowing exactly what the fault is and may not have the correct tools. This will be a wasted visit and a follow-up visit (with the correct equipment) will be necessary. With a remote health check, the engineer will know in advance exactly what the problem is and take the appropriate tools the first time around.

One way of actually generating revenue with Texecom Cloud is to schedule monthly health checks for a minimal monthly fee. This will not cost the installer anything, but the end user customer will see it as added value. It also means that any issues will be flagged up far more frequently.

Another benefit of moving to Texecom Cloud is that installers will no longer have to manage multiple copies of software. As the platform is accessed via a standard web browser, any upgrades or software expansions will occur in the Cloud. The interface will always be up-to-date whenever an installer logs in.

Simple additions, like the ability to use templates for changing settings across a number of panels, reduce the need for programming and save security installers time when dealing with those customers presiding over large estates of control panels.

Evolving technology

Clym Brown

Clym Brown

Texecom Cloud affords engineers complete control over their alarm system portfolio. This includes safeguards to ensure that only the right people have access to the right data. Engineers are restricted to only viewing and accessing security systems specific to them.

It was important to the team at Texecom that the advanced features of our systems could be managed quickly and easily by our security installer customer base. As we’ve done with many of our innovations, our starting point in the development of Texecom Cloud was understanding the needs and requirements of our installation partners. We wanted to be certain that the Cloud offer made their lives easier and ensured they could meet their own customers’ expectations.

It’s an accepted part of today’s evolving technological landscape that systems need to be resilient and robust and, by introducing automated health checks and the simpler remote servicing, the Cloud service helps installers to run their businesses efficiently.

Texecom Cloud’s interface is clean and intuitive, with navigation aided by a logical layout similar in nature to many modern technology-based interfaces.

Clym Brown is Marketing Director at Texecom

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