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Interim Report covering January–March 2016 shows “strong organic sales growth” at Securitas

by Brian Sims
Alf Göransson

Alf Göransson

Securitas’ latest Interim Report covers the period from January through to March this year, and shows total sales of MSEK 20 614 (19 486), organic sales growth of 8% (5), operating income before amortisation standing at MSEK 996 (909) and an operating margin of 4.8% (4.7).

Organic sales growth has remained exceptionally strong during the first quarter of the year. “We estimate that we’re growing faster than the security markets in the US and Europe, as well as in many of the Ibero-American countries, mainly supported by our strategy of providing security solutions and electronic security,” commented Alf Göransson, the company’s president and CEO.

Growth was further supported by continuing higher levels of security needs and requirements in Europe.

Earnings per share and operating margin have improved. Earnings per share rose by 14% in the first quarter, adjusted for changes in exchange rates. As stated, the company’s operating margin increased to hit 4.8%.

Sales of security solutions and electronic security are reported to be “strong” in the first quarter, as well as being in line with expectations.

“We believe that we can continue to increase our sales of security solutions and electronic security at a high pace in the coming years,” asserted Göransson, “and go on to make this a substantial part of the Group’s total sales. The completed acquisition of Diebold’s North American electronic security business on 1 February this year also represents a substantial contribution in terms of accelerating our transformation of the security business sector.”

Acquisition in Germany

Regulatory authorities have now approved Securitas’ acquisition of the electronic security company Draht+Schutz in Germany. Enterprise value is estimated to be MSEK 115 (MEUR 12.5).

As disclosed on 12 April, Securitas had agreed to acquire Draht+Schutz Unternehmengruppe, which is a full-service provider within Germany’s electronic security sector. The company boasts 160 employees and, last year, generated annual sales of approximately MSEK 175 (MEUR 19).

With this acquisition, Securitas now strengthens its position as a leading security solutions company in Germany.

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