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Integration partner Webeye introduces smart alarm delivery solution for Hikvision’s video surveillance products

by Brian Sims

Webeye has integrated Hikvision’s CCTV product range into its own webeyeCMS cloud platform. The latter is a smart alarm monitoring platform developed by Webeye as a direct response to a defined industry need for an efficient, robust and low cost method of making sure alarms reliably reach the right individuals and, importantly, on a swift footing.

Today’s security professionals expect their investment in new equipment to deliver even more than just tracing and tracking of persons of interest and evidence collection after an event has taken place. They also need that equipment to replace the large amount of manpower required for searching surveillance footage and detecting anomalous data.

The integration of Hikvision’s CCTV solutions is seen as the perfect fit because both Hikvision and Webeye are wholly committed to increasing the accuracy of alarm notifications and improving video intelligence for end users.

The emergence of new technologies now offers a level of efficiency which allows surveillance to shift from post-incident tracing to alerts during incidents (or even pre-incident alerts). Hikvision’s deep learning range of DeepInMind Series and DeepInView Series products combined with Webeye’s dedicated delivery platform represents a smart combination that’s perfect for realising the stated industry demand for greater intelligence through better analytics, alarm accuracy, delivery and auditing.

The DeepInView Series cameras can accurately detect, recognise and analyse human, vehicle and object features and behaviours. For their part, the DeepInMind Series of NVRs incorporates advanced deep learning algorithms that imitate human thoughts and memory processes. This represents the next level of Artificial Intelligence’s development. It’s more than machine learning where supervised classification of features and patterns are set into algorithms. Deep learning incorporates unsupervised or ‘self-learning’ principles. Enhanced accuracy is the result of multi-layer learning and extensive data collection.

The advanced algorithms are designed to achieve “astonishingly accurate and consistent” video content analytics performance. The products effectively filter out alarms triggered by animals, leaves and inanimate objects with a greater than 90% accuracy rate.

Ideal solution for the alarms market

Trevor Lee (left), marketing and brand director of Webeye Limited, meets with Jasper Zhao (channel sales manager for Hikvision UK & Ireland)

Trevor Lee (left), marketing and brand director of Webeye Limited, meets with Jasper Zhao (channel sales manager for Hikvision UK & Ireland)

Combining Hikvision’s intelligent NVRs and cameras with webeyeCMS’ alarm escalation has the capacity to radically change the way in which CCTV is used. End users who subscribe to webeyeCMS don’t require any software. It’s a Pay-as-you-Go cloud-based service that’s only paid for when a system’s in use while commissioned on a site.

End users don’t need to invest in an expensive infrastructure as webeyeCMS enables CCTV-generated alarms to be monitored either remotely by field staff or security officers on their smart phones and/or in a Control Room environment via a web browser. This then provides the security/risk management practitioner with a full professional monitoring solution whereby they receive and manage their own alarm notifications.

If desired, the system can be configured to mirror the host organisation’s business hierarchy. It boasts a reporting dashboard for system maintenance and shows full alarm history with auditing capability.

Key features of the webeyeCMS are as follows:

*Uses the cloud platform to send notifications and videos of intrusions directly to smart phones/browsers

*Initiates a fast response if an alarm is triggered

*Sends notifications to all stakeholders. The escalation process enables one person or 10,000 (or even more) to receive notifications if required. This happens simultaneously and virtually immediately if an alarm is triggered

*Cloud storage. All events are stored and videos can be viewed for two years (with an extension to six years if required)

*Full monitoring. Webeye has fully automated the alarm receipt, alarm handling and alerting process usually carried out by a monitoring station/Alarm Receiving Centre

*Full audit trail. Webeye keeps a record of any alarm that can be accessed through the browser or app. It will record when a notification was sent and also who viewed it

*Reliable and robust. Large multinational companies now use Webeye effectively and efficiently

*Control dashboard on the browser version. Configurable overviews of security are available to monitor how efficiently a given ‘estate’ is working

Integration into the webeyeCMS platform effectively turns Hikvision’s CCTV video surveillance equipment into fully-functional alarm products. If an intruder enters a site they will trigger an alert. This generates an alarm notification which is then processed by the webeyeCMS alarm platform. The latter acts as a virtual monitoring station by distributing alarms and videos to all stakeholders within seconds via the webeyeCMS app or browser.

Alarm recipients will receive a 20-second encrypted video (five seconds of pre-alarm and 15 seconds of post-alarm). There’s also the option to switch to live view and trigger outputs (eg to trigger a siren).

*For more information visit https://www.webeyecms.com/en/gb/products/cms/

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