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Insurance & Security Liaison Forum report

by Brian Sims

This year, InSec was hosted by the Insafe Private Client Services team in the Old Library within the modern Lloyds of London building. The event is designed to support the insurance industry by bringing together high net worth insurers, brokers and underwriters with the best in security. The forum allowed all the attendees a chance to network and discuss their fields with each other in what are often seen as separate industries. With a full capacity, the event hosted by Jenny Cooper from Insafe International, had some interesting and informative key speakers offering expertise and knowledge from their various sectors including insurance, risk and security. The Association of Insurance Surveyors, the body of individual risk control and reduction experts discussed risk engineering and protection against insurable risks. And, to compliment the afternoon two members of the Metropolitan Police Service Flying Squad finished up by presenting the Forum with the latest crime trends, figures, helpful Q&As and insights into the criminal mind. The Forum gave everyone attending a chance to further discuss business at an evening event held in the” Vault” (an old converted bank vault; its walls lined with safety deposit boxes and an original strongroom door well over two feet thick). The evening also held a charity auction hosted by an ex-Sotheby’s auctioneer. The lucky bidders found their winnings stashed away in the safety deposit boxes around the Vault. Well over

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