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Institute of Risk Management commissions first-ever research project in China

by Brian Sims

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) has announced a research partnership with the Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan, China. The risk management school at the university, which is led by Professor Ming-Che (Martin) Sung, will undertake a study of risk management education across the universities of China with the aim of looking at how the university sector is responding to the growing demand from Chinese organisations for people with high quality risk management skills.

IRM CEO Dr Ian Livsey explained: “The rapid growth of the Chinese economy, including the massive investment in the Belt and Road initiative, has realised a growing interest in the role of risk management in protecting assets and creating value. As a global risk education body, the IRM is looking forward to playing its part in developing skills and competence within Chinese organisations. This research is an essential first step in learning about the current state of risk management education in the university sector. We anticipate using the results to help develop our strategy for the region, which is based on partnership and collaboration.”

Professor Sung added: “Risk management is a growing discipline in China. The Hubei University of Economics has been establishing a network of risk management academics across China and Taiwan for some time now and has organised some of the first academic conferences in the region. We’re very pleased to be co-operating with the Institute of Risk Management to help build our international links.”

It’s anticipated that the final research report will be published in the middle of next year.

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