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InSite solution from Maxxess “set to transform emergency awareness and response”

by Brian Sims

Transforming the way in which security teams monitor, manage and control multiple systems, Maxxess is launching its new, open-architecture InSite solution. Maxxess InSite is a cyber-secure, cloud-based service that has been developed to give organisations impressive new levels of situational awareness and allow the most rapid and co-ordinated response to a wide range of incidents, both emergency and non-emergency.

InSite can pull data from a wide array of security and safety systems and infrastructure thanks to its open architecture design. Applications range from device fault monitoring, maintenance tracking and reporting through to incident handling and emergency response co-ordination.

For large organisations, or those with complex sites or multiple premises to manage, InSite reduces complexity and allows seamless central control. It allows day-to-day operations to be managed more efficiently, identifying problems early and reducing risks, while also enabling more effective co-ordination during emergency incidents.

“InSite doesn’t simply integrate disparate systems – it unifies their capabilities and makes them more powerful in use,” said Lee Copland, managing director at Maxxess for the EMEA. “InSite pulls together critical security infrastructure and systems – everything from cameras to door controls – bringing all of this under a single operating umbrella and unifying functions to allow rapid communications, analysis and action.”

InSite joins Maxxess’ full suite of advanced control solutions, including the Ambit family of mobile apps and the eFusion security management platform. Ambit allows system controllers to link with remote personnel via their personal devices, enabling alerts, notifications, status assessment and functions including video surveillance support. eFusion integrates seamlessly with more than 60 off-the-shelf systems from leading vendors, including surveillance, access control, fire and intruder systems with back-office processes.

For managers and teams that need to be mobile, the Maxxess MX+ client gives secure web access to eFusion controls and functions via smart phones and tablets.

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