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Inner Range and IGNIS provide web-based access control for cosmetic surgery clinic

by Brian Sims

Inner Range has joined forces with IGNIS Fire Protection Services on a project to provide secure access control for a popular cosmetic surgery clinic located in Birmingham.

Room-by-room access control and intruder detection was needed following a move by the client company to new premises in a converted period property. The 3,000 sq ft space required easy entry for visitors to the main reception area combined with restricted access to consultation/treatment rooms and post-procedure recovery areas housing high-value assets and medication.

Similarly, controlled access was needed for patient information, drugs, high-value surgical equipment and other areas of risk. It was essential to manage access remotely during all hours without the need for a set on-site administrator. The site harbours a total of nine doors and 120 users.

The solution, which was suggested and installed by IGNIS Fire Protection Services, is Inception – Inner Range’s powerful yet affordable access control and intruder detection system. This provides the integrated access control needed to run the business with the utmost efficiency, safety and security.

Key features include a web-based interface that can be controlled by authorised staff using existing smart phones, tablets or computers.

Entry points to the clinic use fob-activated entry, providing privacy for patients and security for patient information, drugs, surgical equipment and waste, while also affording each member of staff the freedom to come and go as appropriate (without the responsibility of having to set the alarm).

Universal inputs and outputs can be used independently of each other to directly control door locks and powered siren modules, while secure alarm communication using 128 Bit AES encryption ensures data privacy.

With no software costs, the clinic has been provided with a budget friendly security solution that’s both powerful and highly flexible.

IGNIS Fire Protection Services installed the Inception system using Inner Range’s interactive Commissioning Checklist that ensures no steps are missed. This process includes core programming, custom automation, changing default credentials, backing-up of the database and a downloading solution for commissioning reports.

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