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Industry Qualifications and Essence X Consultancy Services launch IQ India

by Brian Sims
Industry Qualifications has launched IQ India

Industry Qualifications has launched IQ India

In collaboration with Essence X Consultancy Services, its business partner organisation in India, the IQ Group used the recent Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities India: Technology and Investment Summit – convened in Windsor on Monday 13 July – as the platform for launching a new venture entitled Industry Qualifications (IQ) India.

IQ India will provide access to a range of IQ Group products and services, contextualised where appropriate for the Indian economy. The new venture is set to offer qualifications for individuals to both British and international standards in conjunction with Industry Qualifications, itself an Ofqual-regulated awarding organisation here in the UK.

Industry Qualifications and IQ India will also be developing qualifications for the Indian economy to NSQF requirements, with the latter offering audit and certification services for organisations to ISO, British Standards and other national and industry-recognsied standards through UKAS-approved certification body IQ Verify Ltd.

As well as the certification activity provided in conjunction with Industry Qualifications and IQ Verify, IQ India will also manage the Indian Chapter of the Institute of Administrative Management, one of the UK’s oldest and most well-respected management institutes, in turn providing Institute services and professional recognition for Indian administrative managers and personal assistants.

Raymond Clarke: CEO at Industry Qualifications

Raymond Clarke: CEO at Industry Qualifications

Welcoming these new arrangements, Raymond Clarke (CEO of IQ in the UK) commented: “We’re delighted to have reached an agreement with Essence X Consultancy Services to establish IQ India. This venture will join IQ Arabia in what’s now a growing network of international partners. Our objective has been to provide access to a wide range of international standards and certifications responsive to local conditions. The importance of local representation in providing service, relevance and a cultural understanding cannot be over-emphasised, and we’re delighted to have found such a strong partner in India.”

In response, Karan Dhaul (director of IQ India) explained: “It has taken us a year’s diligence to make IQ India a reality. Our endeavor is to provide certification backed by quality and the stringent norms of Industry Qualifications in the UK across various sectors in India. We intend to develop niche qualifications for the Indian market with an overriding aim of bridging the gap between industry and education which would then enhance the skills and knowledge base of candidates while, at the same time, being acceptable in the international arena.”

Dhaul added: “IQ Certification will be synonymous with quality and credibility. In addition, we intend to provide organisational certification through the UKAS-certified IQ Verify Ltd, as well as qualifications in management by way of the Institute of Administrative Management.”

In conclusion, Dhaul stated: “With the launch of IQ India, we foresee an exciting and enriching time for the candidates and employers in India and across the globe. Credibility and accountability will be weaved in with the additional layer of external verification.”

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